Personalised golf practice plans to Help You Shoot Lower scores

“I am a huge fan of Break X Golf, thank you so much for creating it” – Justin, 3 Handicap USA

How Break X Golf Works

Step 1: Enter your stats

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Step 2: Check out your practice plan

Step 3: Track your progress

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Rolling £9.99 / month subscription – cancel anytime.

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Full access to all Break X Golf features
1-click personalised practice plans
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Full access to all Break X Golf features
1-click personalised practice plans
Access to 130+ practice games
Add/save your own custom games
Track your progress each week
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“After 7 years of trying, I finally won my club competition and Break X Golf was the difference!”

4 Handicap, UK

“Very good structured practice. I like how I can use my Strokes Gained data – and the indoor sessions for bad weather!”

2 Handicap, USA

“Break X Golf gives me a clear plan of what I need to work on to shoot lower scores.”

9 Handicap, ROI

“I used to not enjoy practice, it was just beating golf balls. But now I love it just as much as playing golf”

16 Handicap, AUS

“I am a huge fan of Break X Golf – thank you so much for creating it!”

3 Handicap, USA

“Break X Golf effectively lowered my scores by providing fun drills to target some putting and wedge weaknesses and throwing in a touch of technique work too.”

6 Handicap, UK

✗ Hours practicing but with little progress.

✗ Unsure what or how to practice.

✗ Little idea if you are getting better.

✗ Practice is boring and repetitive.

✗ Limited facilities or poor weather.

✓ Simple, effective plans built to your needs.

✓ All practice plans are based on your playing stats.

✓ Track progress each week & unlock new games.

✓ Generate new plans with games in 1-click.

✓ Games library with 150+ games can be filtered by facilities.

How To get Started With Break X Golf

Golf performance cycle without Break X Golf
Golf performance cycle with Break X Golf

Built by experts

Will Shaw PhD, MSc, PGA

20 years coaching golf, from beginners to touring professionals. Will is currently Head of Golf at the University of Exeter and runs Golf Insider. He previously lectured in Biomechanics and Motor Control and Leeds Beckett University.

After many years of building practice plans by hand for professional golfers and amateurs, I decided there needed to be a software solution to help more golfers get access to personalised practice plans based on how they play golf.

Adam Brooks, BSc

Part-time surfer, part-time golfer, with 20 years of experience developing web and mobile apps. Adam has a passion for how technology can be used to accelerate learning.

Frequently asked questions

What is Break X Golf?

Break X Golf is an app to help you shoot lower golf scores.

To get better at golf you need to practice, but practice can be dull and many golfers spend time practicing things that won’t actually lower their scores. Break X Golf is here to help – designed by experts in coaching and skill acquisition, it makes practice simple, fun, and more efficient.

Every practice plan is based on your strengths and weaknesses as a golfer, and how much time you have to practice. Break X Golf then creates a simple plan for you to check off and follow.

How do I get started?

Break X works best with knowing how you play on the golf course. Start by filling in your playing stats. This can be simple numbers from your last round of golf, or more complex strokes gained data if you already use a stats app.

I don’t have any stats – what can I do?

Break X Golf works best when we know how you play, but don’t worry. If you just want to get practicing you can use our quick start plan we have pre-built.

What is strokes gained? And Do I need it?

Strokes gained data is a metric used in professional golf that allows players to compare all areas of their game to work out where they are strongest and what aspects are costing them the most shots. You can read more about strokes gained here.

I can’t play all the games in my plan – what should I do?

As players and coaches in England, we understand that the weather isn’t always perfect. We also know that every range, chipping and putting area is different. If you can’t complete a game in your plan just use our edit plan feature to remove that game and choose a substitute.

Do I need to complete everything in a practice plan before getting a new one?

You can generate a new plan from your playing stats, or a quick start plan, at any time. You are also free to edit your plan to change the content, number of games etc.

Will Break X Golf help me lower my scores?

Our founders have spent over 15 years writing training plans for golfers of all levels. From our experience, golfers who complete 70% of their plans for 4 weeks or more are highly likely to shoot lower scores.

How much does Break X Golf cost?

Break X Golf currently costs £9.99/month. This gives you full access to entering your stats, creating personalised and customised Break X practice plans, our wider skills game library and tracking your progress on your Break X Golf dashboard. If you lock in at this price, we will secure that price for as long as you wish to continue your subscription.

How do I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel your subscription any time. In the app, click your profile in the top right > Accounts > Billing and press ‘Manage Subscription’. If you have already paid for a month, or part of a month, you will still have full access to the platform until your credits run out.

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