How To Break 100 In Golf – Tips & Benchmarks

In this article, we’ll cover the core metrics you need to hit to break 100 in golf along with some effective tips for how to practice and how to prepare to break 100 on the golf course.

How to break 100

  1. Drive the golf ball over 191 yards ( men’s avg) / 150 yards (women’s avg).
  2. Hit over 40% of fairways.
  3. Hit at least 15% of greens (2.7 per round).
  4. Get up and down 25% of the time from inside 50 yards.
  5. Average 33 putts per round or lower.

Breaking 100 means averaging slightly better than bogey golf, which is shooting 27-over par or better. The metrics above are based on our average data of what it takes golfers to break 100 consistently.

Obviously, there is a variance around each metric. Some golfers drive the ball further but hit fewer fairways and may be worse at putting. Whereas, other golfers who break 100 are very straight, not as long off the tee, but excel at chipping and putting.

Course management is crucial in achieving these metrics. Focus on achieving pars and bogeys instead of aiming for birdies, and play smart to avoid risky shots.

Improving the mechanics of your golf swing is also important to meet these targets.

How long will it take to break 100?

We launched Break X Golf 13 months ago, and we’ve seen golfers make some great moves in their handicap over that time. Below are some of the biggest handicap drops from our users and how long they’ve been using Break X Golf.

Start HandicapCurrent HandicapHandicap ChangeTime with Break X Golf (months)

The graphic below gives you a clearer insight into the handicap trends vs the time they have been following a personalised practice plan from Break X Golf.

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This data only shows their start handicap and their handicap at the point of writing this. So many of these golfers have dropped to their current handicap in a shorter timeframe than shown below.

However, this gives you a great insight into how much you can improve within a year or less, if you have a focused practice plan.

how long to break 100 in golf graphic

How should I practice to break 100?

The best practice plan to break 100 will be one that takes into account your playing stats. Break X Golf builds you personalised plans based on your strengths and weaknesses as a golfer.

However, to get you started, try out these games below to give your range practice session a bit more focus.

Driving challenge to help break 100 in golf
chipping practice challenge to help break 100

Further tips to break 100

Below are some additional tips to help you save some shots and start breaking 100 consistently.

Focus on advancing the golf ball

This might sound like strange advice, but you don’t have to hit your golf shoot very straight to break 100, however you do have to get good and moving the golf ball forward.

Lost golf balls, tops and duffs will certainly add up and make breaking 100 harder. On the golf range focus on making a solid strike with your driver, woods, hybrids and irons. When you are on the golf course aim for big targets, take the clubs you feel most comfortable hitting smooth, positive swings.

Focus on your putting

We see that driving and approach play are often the biggest differences between elite golfers and those shooting in the 90s and 100s. However, practising your putting is still one of the quickest ways to start saving shots, as most golfers make quick gains.

Reducing three putts has a significant impact on overall scores. Developing a consistent putting stroke and improving your green reading ability will minimize the number of three putts, leading to better performance.

Focus on short game skills

Similar to putting, many of our golfers making the big improvements you’ve seen above have made big gains in their short game. When you are trying to break 100, focus on getting the ball on the ground quickly and rolling towards your target.

Try to avoid hitting high, fancy chip and pitch shots unless you are stuck behind a bunker or obstacle.

Hav fun out there, and enjoy the ride, when you’ve mastered breaking 100 check out our guide on how to break 90.

Happy golfing – Will @ Break X Golf

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