Lead Vs Lag Metrics – What Numbers Predict Future Golfing Success?

Golf Lead and lag metrics header

We have just released a new hub to Break X Golf. This article explains the rationale behind the new release and how it will help your golf game.

If you are reading this you’ll already know that data is important if you want to get better at golf. A study from Golf Insider showed that keeping playing stats resulted in golfers improving their handicap 70% quicker compared to golfers who didn’t keep playing stats, and practice the same amount.

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Golf Driver Practice – The Best Drills & Tips

Not being able to get the ball in play off the tee makes golf challenging and not much fun! Here we’ll cover the best ways to practice your driving in a way that will help you develop your skill and confidence.

We start with the obvious, but important, technical practice, before moving onto more useful and innovative ways to practice your driving.

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How To Deal With The Ups & Downs of Golf Practice & Play

This article is the result of a question we had from one of our users. We have a great range of golfers using Break X Golf (beginners to pros and everyone in between) and many are making great progress. However, the road to better golf is bumpy and can be a lonely path. So I’ve put together this article to help share what this journey looks like when a golfer is on a great trajectory towards better golf. I hope you find it useful.

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Playing Stats Dashboard

If you head to the ‘Dashboard’ tab at the top of your app you’ll now find a new toggle. This toggle allows you to switch from your practice dashboard to see your playing stats dashboard. How to switch between practice and playing dashboards What is displayed on your playing dashboard Here you will see your … Read more