Strokes Gained Calculator

Strokes gained data can be super useful for golfers. It really allows you to understand how each part of your game is performing, what is costing you the most shots and helps you dial in on what to improve.

Break X Golf app builds you personalised plans based on this data so we wanted everyone to have access to these tools so you can create the most personalised plans and track your progress over time.

This is a free tool ‘prototype’ tool developed by Will Shaw a golf coach and scientist, not a developer!

Please what the video below for information on how to use this tool. Below the calculator are some further questions, and details on how the data is modelled and its accuracy.



  1. This tool works on all devices but works best on laptops/desktops.
  2. All long shots are in yards, with all putts measured in feet.
  3. You can use this data in the Break X Golf app to build personalised practice plans.

Break X Golf Strokes Gained Calculator

Frequently asked questions on strokes gained calculators

Below are some further details on how this tool works.

How is strokes gained calculated?

Strokes gained is an analysis based on the average shots taken to complete the hole from the start and end locations of every golf shot you hit. We can calculate if a shot you hit was poor, average or great by taking the difference in these values.

This allows you to compare all parts of your game equally (driving, approach play, short game & putting).

What data is this tool based on?

This tool is built on Mark Broadies’ (2011) paper which can be found here. The data has been modelled slightly to give it more sensitivity to different distances. All numbers benchmark you against the PGA Tour, so don’t be put off when some large minus numbers appear.

How accurate is this tool compared to paid golf stats apps?

I’ve done some initial testing and all data is within 10% for the overall strokes gained data and breakdown for different areas (Driving, Approach, Short Game, Putting).

This discrepancy might be due to large paid tools having more up-to-date data. Or it could be due to how they classify certain shots. For example, a 2nd shot on a par 5 always considered an ‘approach’ shot?

What are some limitations with this strokes gained calculator?

The main limitation is that we have no database to store your data. Let us know if you would like a simple spreadsheet with some graphs (we’ll create a download).

How are shots categorised?

Driving SG

Any tee shot over 240 yards is classed as a drive.

Approach SG

Any fairway, rough, sand or recovery shots between 50 and 240 yards are classed as an approach shot and categorised into different distance buckets.

Short Game SG

Any shots from fairway, rough, sand or recovery inside 50 yards are classed as a short game shot.

Putting SG

All start locations classed as putting are classed as putts.

Other SG

Anything that doesn’t fall into the buckets above is classed as ‘other’. The common example I’ve tried to all for is advancing shots, from outside of 240 yards, as you try to progress the ball up long par 4s and 5s. I personally didn’t want these diluting useful SG approach data, but this is a preference of mine as a coach.

What if this tool breaks?

This tool is stored on a separate server and may take 5 seconds to wake up and work. If you reload the page and it won’t work just drop us a message here and we’ll get it up and running again.

Can I suggest improvements?

Please do, this is just a prototype. If users love this tool, we’ll ask a proper developer (thanks Adam) to build a fuller version with a database and better analysis in the future.

Happy golfing – Will @ Break X Golf.

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