How & When To Edit Your Break X Golf Plan

The Break X Golf app takes the hard work out of planning your golf practice. Just type in your stats and how long you want to practice for each week and you’ll have a great plan that considers your current ability, strengths and weaknesses.

With each new version, we aim to make Break X Golf smarter, but there are always times where you may wish to tweak your Break X Golf plan. Here we look at how to do that and some situations where it might be of use.

First let’s cover how to edit your plan, then we’ll jump into specific times you may wish to use this function.

How to edit your Break X Golf plan

If you haven’t created a practice plan yet, you can check out how to get started with Break X Golf to build your first practice plan. Once you have a practice plan, you can click on the ‘PLAN’ tab to view your current plan.

In the top left you’ll see ‘Make change to this plan?’ link. When you click on this you’ll find yourself on the editing screen (left image below). Click on any of the three areas to open the library of games and tasks within each area. Below (right image) we jump into the SKILL DEV section.

Here you’ll find all of the skills games in our library and any custom skills games you’ve created at the top of this list. Skills games that are currently in your plan are highlighted, with how many sets you currently have to complete.

From this screen you add or remove any activities from your current plan. Simply hit the ‘+’ button if you wish to add any new activity or increase the sets during your current plan. Or hit the ‘-‘ button if you want to reduce or remove any activity from your current practice plan.

If you want to search for games within a specific area such as driving, approach etc. Just click on the filter and check the areas you want to filter by. In the example below we’ve used the short game filter to find new short game practices.

In our current plan we have Par 18 L1 in once. You can use the ‘+’ and ‘-‘ buttons to change the number of times this game is in your plan, or remove it and search for a new skills game.

You can then click on any of the games listed to learn more and pull up the instructions. The example above shots the Golf Insider Short Game Challenge, which is a great activity to carry out when you want to benchmark your performance across all your short game skills.

When should you edit your plan?

As we covered in the opening section, Break X Golf ensures you have a practice plan that targets key areas that will improve your scoring and easy wins for lower scores. However, what follows are some situations where you might find the edit function above useful.

Limited facilities

You may have some weeks where you don’t have access to a golf course. In this instance you may want to remove on course activities and find some replacement studio and driving range challenges.

At the time of writing this I can tell you that we’re currently working on adding a ‘facilities filter’ to the games library to assist you here.

Adding custom games

We’ve seen that when golfers get to single figures and professional standards they’ve often developed custom practice drills and ideas for some aspects of their game that they really like playing each week.

If this is the case, please add them to your practice plan. You can add a custom game just once and it will be stored in your games library for you to add in when you wish.

More reps of a skills game

We hope you’re finding some new fun and useful ways to practice your golf via Break X Golf. Try to keep your plan balanced, but if you really want to up the reps of a skills game in your plan, you can toggle extra sets of any game using the process above.

More technique time

The Break X Golf app provides a solid blend of skills games and technique. But at times you may want to tweak this for a week or two. If you’ve just had a golf lesson and need extra time on the range, feel free to edit your plan and add in more ‘TECHNIQUE’ activities to your plan.

Try to keep some skills games in the mix, when you’re making changes you will struggle to score your best at skills games, but they will really help you take your new changes onto the golf course.

Preparing for a competition

If you have a big competition coming up you might want to add in extra skills games for core shots and skills you’ll need. For example, the greens for your event might be very undulating, meaning some extra putting practice like (Round the Clock) could be useful. Or maybe hitting the fairways is key, in which case, you may want to add in an extra game of the 20 Ball Driving Challenge.


The Break X Golf plans give you a simple plan that allows you to practice more effectively than almost any other golfer out there. However, the situations above are when it makes sense to jump in and make some custom edits to your plan.

Happy golfing – Will @ Break X Golf

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