How To Get Started With Break X Golf

If you want to practice like a pro, no matter what your level, you’re in the right place. Break X Golf is here to build you a bespoke practice plan based on how you play golf. As you progress, so do your practice plans.

We launched Break X Golf in April 2023, our users have already had some great results. Many have shot their lowest ever scores, reached their lowest ever handicaps, and even won their club championships for the 1st time!

There are no magic secrets in the Break X Golf app – just the notion that simple, effective practice is the quickest way to improve. We aim to make great practice simple for you.

Once you sign up and create an account you’ll be up and running in under 5 minutes.

Step 1: Add in your playing stats

Our goal is to create you a super simple, focused practice plan that will lower your scores, with the time you have to practice and play each week. To do this we like to know how you currently play golf.

There are two ways you can enter your stats – basic playing stats or Strokes Gained data.

Basic playing stats

Break X Golf Practice app stats input

With this option you can enter basic data about how many fairways, greens you hit, how many putts etc. along with your handicap, score and how many hours you would like to practice on and off the golf course.

Then hit the ‘Save Stats & Build Plan’ button and Break X Golf will get to work. Within a few seconds you’ll have a custom plan built for your needs.

Step 2 check out your practice plan

Break X Golf takes you straight to your practice plan. Here you’ll see three practice zones: Technical Practice, Skill Development and On Course practice.

Break X Golf Practice Plan

Based on your playing stats and how much time you have to practice you’ll have a blend of all three. Click on each one to explore more.

Break X Golf skill development practice

Simply press on each task to get a pop up description of how to play it.

Break X Golf Practice game example

Where should I start?

We aim to take all of the stress out of getting better, so we built Break X Golf to offer a ‘coaches suggestion’. This is a task picked from your plan that gives you the ‘biggest win’ – an area of your game we know will lower your scores.

However, after many years of building these plans, we realise life isn’t always that simple, it might be raining, you may only be able to get to the range in an evening. So feel free to start where suits, you can read more about customising your plan here [add internal link].

Your goal as a player is simple. See if you can tick off 70% or more of your tasks most weeks. Some weeks you’ll fly through, other weeks life will get in the way.

From our experience, players who manage the above see really solid improvement in their golf scores.

Get practicing!

Once you’ve picked a game, complete it, enter your score and see how you stack up against other golfers of your ability with our scoring benchmarks.

Break X Golf Practice app benchmarking data

View your dashboard

You simply enter your score for each game and the Break X Golf App does the rest. We track multiple aspects of your practice to create a breakdown of how long you’re practicing, a break down across each area of your game and your scores over time in each practice game.

Break X Golf practice dashboard

At the top of your practice plan you’ll see your progress bar fill up towards your 70% target.

Building a new plan

When you complete your practice plan Break X Golf app will ask you if you want to restart the same practice plan, or add in new stats to create a new plan.

Just like a gym routine, you’re best to stick to the same plan for 3-6 weeks, but if you feel your game has changed in a shorter time frame, or you want to mix things up feel free to update your plan sooner.

The results

We hope this gives a better insight into what the Break X Golf app is like. We don’t have thousands of users (yet), we’re not promising to sell you 50-yards of distance in 5 minutes. We’re here to help you practice better and work towards your golfing goals in the most effective way.

Our small community of golfers are getting better at a really impressive rate. So feel free to hop on and join the Break X Golf community.

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